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Re: Unblocked 7.0.3 ownCloud version fixes security issues (was: Outdated ownCloud-related cruft)

Hi David,

On  Di 18 Nov 2014 15:30:59 CET, Mike Gabriel wrote:

Hi Martin, hi David,

On  So 16 Nov 2014 23:21:48 CET, Martin Steigerwald wrote:

Am Sonntag, 16. November 2014, 18:09:29 schrieb David Prévot:

Hi David!

Please note that the owncloud package currently in backports lacks
“Several security fixes” fixed in the latest package available in
unstable and soon in testing (it’s already unblocked). Thanks in advance
for having it updated or removed from backports as soon as possible.

Removing it doesn´t solve things for existing users (like me) – unless they
already upgrade to Jessie.


I am currently working on owncloud and php-doctrine-dbal uploads to wheezy-backports.

Sorry for the delays, but life priorities are often not aligned with security bugs revealed...

@David: once we have passed the 5th Dec I will refresh the complete owncloud stack in wheezy-bpo, unless there is some other package that requires immediate attention.


I just checked the new owncloud deps. With your expertise on owncloud, would it be possible to drop the libjs-mediaelement dependency from owncloud 7.0.3. in wheezy-backports?

The build stack for libjs-mediaelement (closure compiler + deps) is massive and it will be ridiculous backporting all that to wheezy.

Thanks for advice!


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