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Unblocked 7.0.3 ownCloud version fixes security issues (was: Outdated ownCloud-related cruft)


Please note that the owncloud package currently in backports lacks
“Several security fixes” fixed in the latest package available in
unstable and soon in testing (it’s already unblocked). Thanks in advance
for having it updated or removed from backports as soon as possible.

Le 29/10/2014 11:11, David Prévot a écrit :
> Le 29/10/2014 05:42, Alexander Wirt a écrit :
>> On Tue, 28 Oct 2014, David Prévot wrote:
> [ About useless and outdated packages in backports. ]
>> file tickets about that.
> No idea what “tickets” means (I’m not familiar with backports, and feel
> like I’m already spending too much time dealing with it), Mike, will you
> take care of the stuff you uploaded there?
>> Additionally I am more than happy to remove owncloud et all.
> No objection from my side (as the only member of “ownCloud for Debian
> maintainers” dealing with owncloud and many of its dependencies).

I want to fix that previous statement in parenthesis because it sounds
harsh: even if I’m the only one dealing with the packaging, several
people are active in the pkg-owncloud-maintainers list, reply to bug
reports, user requests, and do so in various forums. I’m very grateful
for their usually unrecognized work (especially since I’m busy with
reviewing code and other packaging stuff).

If people are willing to actually track those packages in backports,
that would be awesome too (since it exposes the package to a wider
audience: feedback is always welcome), but if it just ends up being more
stuff for me to deal with, then please no (on the other hand, I would be
happy to help the people dealing with those packages in backports if
there were some communication, the current problem is about “drive-by”
uploads without any feedback or follow up).

Apologies if I hurt people with my previous statement, that really
wasn’t the purpose.



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