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Updateing the ceph wheezy-backport

Hi Dimitry and Michael

I prepared a backport of ceph to wheezy-backports for local use and
tested it on our test environment. Are you OK whith me uploading this to
wheezy-backports? This would bring ceph in wheezy-backports to the same
version as will probably be released in jessie.

@Michael: We previously discussed about enabling rbd support again in
qemu in wheezy-backports. Do you agree to do this once the most recent
ceph version is in backports? I expect that all the architectures where
ceph 0.80.5-2~bpo70+1 was built would also build the new version. But if
you want to be on the safe side, just enabling it for amd64 and i386
would satisfy most (if not all) users needs.


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