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please allow ruby-awesome-nested-set into wheezy-backports

Hello backports team,

We were recently made aware of a small mess wrt the redmine package in
wheezy-backports. See thread starting at

I have already uploaded a fixed redmine package that will work with the
components in wheezy, but we are still missing a new dependency that was
introduced in the redmine 2.5 (the 2.4 series was previously available
in wheezy-backports, and worked just fine).

Unfortunately, in parallel with that, we had to remove the rails 3.2
stack from testing, since we can't possibly support it for the lifetime
of jessie. Because of that, ruby-awesome-nested-set was removed from
testing less than a week ago just because it depends on
ruby-activerecord-3.2 (which is just fine in wheezy), and might take
some time to get back in testing.

Would you open an exception for this package to be backported without
reaching testing first, so that we have a working redmine backport? I
have tested redmine from wheezy-backports with it, and it is unlekely
that it will get any further testing since the only reason why it was
uploaded to unstable in the first place is because redmine now depends
on it.

Antonio Terceiro <terceiro@debian.org>

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