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Re: libvirt-bin broken in wheezy-backports (Workaround)


Update from my side:

adding the backports repository and trying to update libvirt-bin from
the wheezy version to the wheezy-backports version fails due to

libvirt-bin : Breaks: avahi-daemon (< 0.6.31-3~)

Please either add avahi-daemon 0.6.31-3 or newer (0.6.31-4 is in
testing) to backports or remove the "break" relationship.

Installing avahi-daemon from testing is no solution, as this would
require massive further updates (like new libc).

The following workaround worked for me:

- apt-get build-dep avahi-daemon
- Add testing repo to sources.list
- aptitude update
- apt-get --build source -t testing avahi-daemon
- Remove testing repo from sources.list
- aptitude update
- dpkg -i avahi-daemon_0.6.31-4_amd64.deb
- aptitude full-upgrade (to get the new libvirt-bin etc.)

Currently, the situation breaks libvirt-bin completely for me, but I
will try to find a solution to at least work with the old libvirt-bin

I failed to get the old libvirt-bin working again. Luckily the new one from backports is working now.

So please, add avahi-daemon_0.6.31-4 to wheezy-backports.



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