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Re: Backporting edk2 for Wheezy?

Hi intrigeri,

On Fri, Jul 18, 2014 at 05:11:57PM +0200, intrigeri wrote:
> Dear edk2 maintainers,

> we at Tails want to include UEFI boot test cases to our automated test
> suite, that runs on Wheezy. I've therefore backported edk2 for Wheezy,
> and successfully tested the resulting ovmf on Wheezy.

> May I upload it to wheezy-backports?

No objection.  But note that since this is realtime code, the package has no
dependencies and should essentially be identical when rebuilt with a
different toolchain (and if not, that's a bug!); so I don't see much value
in a backport as opposed to just installing the package from unstable.

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