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Re: Backports integrated into the main archive


* Steven Chamberlain <steven@pyro.eu.org> [2013-03-18 19:57:33 CET]:
> Does this mean new buildd instances will be set up, with wheezy chroots?
>  Would they be running the wheezy kernel version too?

 I'm not part of the buildd team, but yes, packages for wheezy-backports
will definitely built in a wheezy chroot.  About the kernel of the host
system I don't know.  I guess they stick to the stable kernels, and the
buildd hosts will be upgraded from squeeze to wheezy at some point after
the release of wheezy.  That though is a question you should address the
buildd admins and/or DSA with (DSA probably will only install wheezy
kernels (through squeeze-backports) on the call of the buildd team in
case they request it).

> openjdk-7 - desirable for kfreebsd, because it can't build on the
> regular buildds due to sbuild version and/or maybe the kernel

 The wheezy-backports will be produced on regular buildds, so if you
consider those an issue you will have to get it fixed in a different
way, this announce won't change anything in this respect (besides the
obvious wheezy chroot for the wheezy-backports builds).

 In general, you can try to convince the regular maintainers of the
packages whether they would be interested to offer the backports,
usually it's a small effort for them because they are already familiar
with the package (and might be aware of special cases to look after).

 Enjoy, and thanks for your feedback!
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