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Re: Backports integrated into the main archive


Does this mean new buildd instances will be set up, with wheezy chroots?
 Would they be running the wheezy kernel version too?

Either way, this comes at a really good time.  Thanks!

Already I have a wishlist of stuff that I think ought to be made
available through backports as soon as possible after release.  But now
it might be possible to prepare these even before the release:

openjdk-7 - desirable for kfreebsd, because it can't build on the
regular buildds due to sbuild version and/or maybe the kernel

xserver-xorg-video-nv - it came back (via non-free) mainly for kfreebsd
users, and it missed wheezy, but I suppose it could be built on all
arches for anyone who wants it

ecl 12.x - for whoever might want it, we should be able to
--enable-threads on all arches with this new upstream version

nodejs - missed wheezy because of the naming issue...

libv8, chromium - might be able to get these working for kfreebsd using
new upstream versions

openttd 1.2.3 - that's now the current stable release and what most
servers have (1.2.1 in wheezy now few players because most Ubuntu users
have 1.2.3)

apt-cacher-ng - version in wheezy can't use http.d.n, a new upstream
version fixed it but the diff seems way too big for freeze exception

taxbird - probably has to be updated each financial year, was unsuitable
for wheezy because of this but maybe a backport is useful.

Steven Chamberlain

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