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Re: Backports integrated into the main archive

On 2013-03-18 14:34, Alexander Wirt wrote:
> Charles Plessy schrieb am Monday, den 18. March 2013:
>> Le Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 02:17:06PM +0100, Alexander Wirt a écrit :
>>>> This integration opens the theoretical possibility to "migrate" a package from
>>>> testing to backports.  In the case of packages with good regression tests, this
>>>> would be economical for everybody.
>>>> Is that something considered for the future ?
>>> I don't think so. 
>>> I never want to get lost of the "human" component in the process.
>> Sorry, I have used misleading words: I should have wrote "copy" instead of
>> "migrate".
>> What I meant is: the developer tests the package on his own computer as
>> throuroughly as if he built it, and then decides to copy from suite to suite
>> instead of build and upload a backport.  I am not proposing an automated
>> migration like the one from unstable to testing.
> You won't be able to identify the backport by the version number anymore
> (which is a feature I often rely on)
> Alex

Also I suspect you would want to have the "backport" built in a stable
environment instead of copying it "as-is".


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