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xfce 4.8 ported from wheezy to squeeze

Hello list!

I backported xfce 4.8 from Wheezy to Squeeze and I figure we all profit
the most of it when I hand over my work to squeeze-backports.

I got the sources and patches from packages.debian.org and had a script
or two work through them.

My patches against the debian/ directories are compiled in

All the *.orig.tar.*, *.debian.tar.gz, *.deb, *.dsc and *.changes are in

I put my work into a xfce module so the repository is
deb http://www.mnm-team.org/debian/ squeeze-backports xfce
deb-src http://www.mnm-team.org/debian/ squeeze-backports xfce

Basically I patched the debian/ directories to create sensible packages
and worked out a build order so that I could do:
    1. untar sources and debian/
    2. dpkg-buildpackage -sa
    3. shove into repository
    4. install all resulting *-dev packages
 LOOP #over the build order

I also came up with a list of build dependencies to "aptitude install"
before starting the loop. If this satisfies your requirements for
inclusion into your repository I would appreciate it as I will have a
hard time maintaining the packages and won't be able to have my
repositoy up for long.



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