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Re: [pkg-bacula-devel] squeeze backport for bacula 5.2.6+dfsg-7

В Sun, 20 Jan 2013 23:18:14 +0100
Hilko Bengen <bengen@debian.org> пишет:

> Now that bacula 5.2.6+dfsg-7 has made it to wheezy, I'd very much like
> to also see updated squeeze-backports packages.


Yes, we have plans for add it into squeeze-backports. But package was
added into wheezy only yesterday. I think, we should wait at least 2-3
days before upload.

> I have already built such packages for local use -- does anyone object
> to me uploading them?

Please, send diff between 5.2.6+dfsg-7, because we prefer to keep all
package versions in git. Or commit it to squeeze-backports branch of
pkg-bacula/bacula.git, if you already have such permissions.

with best regards,
Alexander Golovko
email: alexandro@ankalagon.ru
xmpp: alexandro@ankalagon.ru

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