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Re: keyring handling for backports.d.o?

Paul Wise <pabs@debian.org> writes:
> Every time I go to upload a backport I find that backports.d.o thinks my
> key is expired. I rarely upload new backports but I bump my key expiry
> relatively often (6 months). Would it be possible for the backports to
> use the same keyring as the archive does?

Backports will switch to the same keyring as the main archive once we
move it to ftp-master (planned to happen soon).

> Last time I asked about this I was told that not using the same keyring
> makes sure people have read the contributing page before they upload. I
> guess it would be better to use the official keyring and restrict
> uploads using something like the new DM system.

Yes, that's the plan.


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