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Re: Submitting backport of Zabbix 2.0.2 (sid package)

> To be honest Dmitry and I plan to provide timely backports of the
> "testing" packages anyway.
I'd like to lend my assistance if I can with this as & when it is needed.

 Especially considering that Zabbix 2.0 might not make it into
> "Wheezy" or get removed from Debian altogether.
Why is this? Surely Zabbix is a fairly well-used piece of software, and to reiterate if there is anything I can do to lend my support in this matter please let me know.

I hope eventually we can seduce you completely to our (Debian) side. :)
I started off tinkering with RH and Slackware in the mid-to-late 90s, but apt pulled me away and I never looked back! The only reason I used Ubuntu (well Mint now) is due to the fire-and-forget PPAs making distribution of Qt & Python hobby projects a breeze compared to setting up a publicly accessible apt server or providing an dpkg -i package and having to manually fetch dependencies.

Thanks for your time and responses.

Tim Jones
NSOC Operator
C/ Quintanavides 15. Edificio 2, Planta 1ª
Parque Empresarial Vía Norte, de Metrovacesa
28050 Las Tablas. Madrid

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