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Re: Submitting backport of Zabbix 2.0.2 (sid package)

On Wed, 12 Dec 2012 08:22:58 Tim Jones wrote:
> > Thanks to Dmitry's work backporting has become really easy.
> Yes it was, just a couple of script changes. Thank you Dmitry!
Thank you for your kind words Tim and Christoph. :) My pleasure.

> Sorry, I'm a little confused here. Wheezy is currently in freeze, so
> Squeeze will never get 2.x tree except by backport...
> And since Alex has confirmed that backports can only be created from
> testing packages, we would need to wait for Wheezy to be released, then for
> the 2.x tree to be accepted into testing, before we can being to backport
> for both Squeeze and Wheezy, correct?

We need Zabbix 2.0.2 in testing first so later there will be upgrade path for 
those who install from backports.

Now there is nothing we can do now to provide backport yet but soon situation 
is expected to change.

Let's stay in touch.

> > Do you volunteer maintaining the backport throughout the
> > entire Squeeze release term and provide timely updates
> > and security fixes? Because that's the challenge: not
> > uploading once but staying focused.
> Million-dollar question there :) In my personal time I develop small apps
> on Ubuntu so I have some experience with the PPA system, but obviously that
> is a world away from being an official Debian maintainer.

I hope eventually we can seduce you completely to our (Debian) side. :)

> I created this
> backport since we are very much a debian shop, I think I could show my
> bosses how it is our best interests as well that I keep it up-to-date for
> us as well as the community at large, but the final decision would be
> theirs if I were to be a maintainer on company time.

Good luck.


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