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Re: qt3 in wheezy options to install it

2012/11/6 Alban Peignier <alban@tryphon.eu>:
> On 11/05/2012 09:39 PM, Karol Szkudlarek wrote:
>> In near future I would like install on my machines wheezy and I know
>> that old qt3 libraries are removed (as obsolete)
>> But in my commercial work we still use qt-3 so  I would like to know
>> how can I install it instead of plain
>> compiling from sources (last option).
> Hi all,
> We experienced the same problem with some of our debian packages. We
> used the latest qt3 source to build packages for wheezy and sid.
> Git repository, sources and binary packages are available.
> See our blog post for details :
> http://projects.tryphon.priv/blog/2012/10/12/qt3-backport-for-debian-wheezy-and-sid/

Thanks for info, unfortunately the above link doesn't work.

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