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Re: please test LO 3.5 backport

On Mon, Aug 27, 2012 at 02:50:36PM -0500, Félix Arreola Rodríguez wrote:
> I found a bug, but not in the Debian Package.
> The tooltip texts on the toolbars doesn't work. But, again, this is not
> related to the package.
> The backport works fine upgrading from 3.4.x.

I'm piggybacking off your message as I've deleted the original, apologies.

I lost my custom settings on the upgrade.  In the move from .libreoffice/3/
to .config/libreoffice/3, the file user/registrymodifications.xcu didn't
get copied across with the result that I lost all my custom shortcuts,
document history and directory paths.  Fortunately copying that file by
hand brought them back again.

I can't see this as a bug against the main package so I wonder if it
might be a backport problem ?


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