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No pair kerning in libreoffice-writer 3.5.4 with Linux Libertine fonts

Since upgrading to LibreOffice 1:3.5.4-7~bpo60+1, pair kerning in
Writer does not seem to work with Linux Libertine and Linux Biolinum
fonts. It works OK in Abiword and even in Mousepad, and I'm pretty
sure it still worked in the previous backported LibreOffice (3.4.x)
version too.

The LibreOffice pair kerning problem only seems to affect Linux
Libertine and Linux Biolinum fonts (ttf-linux-libertine 4.4.1-4). I
even tried to replace the Linux Libertine package with the newer
package from testing (fonts-linuxlibertine 5.1.3-1), but to no avail.
With other fonts, such as Gentium and DejaVu, pair kerning still works
as it used to.

Simo Kaupinmäki

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