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Re: Please do NOT upload packages with newer versions than in wheezy to squeeze-backports

Dmitrijs Ledkovs schrieb am Friday, den 24. August 2012:

> On 24 August 2012 09:55, Gerfried Fuchs <rhonda@deb.at> wrote:
> >         Hi!
> >
> >  I know, the freeze and stuff.  But please do NOT upload newer versions
> > than what is available in wheezy to squeeze-backports.  There are always
> > exceptions to this rule, but if you plan to do so you should also check
> > *prior* to your upload with the release team whether a freeze exception
> > for your package will be granted, so we don't end with newer packages in
> > squeeze-backports than what will be available in wheezy once it gets
> > released.
> >
> >  Thanks for your cooperation,
> > Rhonda
> > P.S.: We already have three packages in this state and we'll have to
> >       figure out what to do about it ...
> >       <http://backports-master.debian.org/squeeze-backports/newer/>
> Time to open the backports-sloppy pocket?
I already asked for it, see the thread on this list. You are welcome to take
part in it.

Alexander Wirt, formorer@formorer.de 
CC99 2DDD D39E 75B0 B0AA  B25C D35B BC99 BC7D 020A

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