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Help for backporting orca


On Squeeze, we have a big accessibility problem. gnome-orca doesn't work
properly with Icedove. It's all the more boring as a lot of users use
icedove. But a bug, that I don't know, makes things not work. And it's
not very wise to plan some bugfix, as gnome team and orca team upstream
and in Debian are busy with gnome3.4 and wheezy, so this bug will
probably never be fixed.

I tried to update, via snapshot.debian.org, with orca 2.91. But another
bug appears: the speech synthetiser doesn't handle fine the punctuation.

To fix the problem fully, I've two solutions: building manually orca
2.91.8, or upgrading to orca3.0.4. I prefer Debian packages as building
source when I use Debian. So I tried upgrading manually, with dpkg -i.
The package installs but doesn't run. The first thing I see is that it
needs python-gi and libglib2.0-bin.

Even if I maintain some packages, my skills are very limitated and I'm
confused to backport orca, all the more as it's Python's stuff and I
don't know at all programming matter. And I think an official backport
would be good for the community. So could someone have a look on this
and do the backport please? Of course, I can do tests and help you
understanding orca. I don't think accessibility skills are needed here,
I can help for that. I need dev skills, that I don't have myself.

If I install manually with Debian packages, the only process which works
is removing epiphany and a dependency (libfeed if I remember), then,
dpkg -B -i for all packages here:  http://sprunge.us/OfVb (I put here
i386 releases but it only works with amd64, I couldn't make this work on

Thanks very much for your help.

Best regards,

Jean-Philippe MENGUAL

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