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Re: qemu-kvm 1.0+dfsg-8_bpo60+1: NetBSD cannot see network cards

On 14.04.2012 14:50, Michael Tokarev wrote:
> On 14.04.2012 12:04, Phil Reynolds wrote:
>> I am trying to install NetBSD (5.1.2, but have tried installers back to
>> 5.0 to same effect) on qemu-kvm, but no matter which nic model I select,
>> NetBSD cannot see it. I can get as far in the installer as the point
>> where it needs network, but then it states it can't find it. An existing
>> setup only shows a lo0 interface.
>> I see no problems like this with other guest systems. Is this a problem
>> upstream or one that only shows in the backport?
>> If there is anything further I can do to help diagnose the problem,
>> please let me know.
> This is definitely not a problem with the backport.  Wheezy version of
> qemu-kvm behaves the same, as does current upstream version - for whatever
> reason netbsd does not recognize network cards, this is true.

Apparently this is a known problem, it has been identified
and a fix proposed, see


but somehow that patch hasn't made its way to neither 1.0.1
stable release of qemu nor into the master branch.  I dunno
why, but the patch mentioned in the first email in that
thread fixes the issue.



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