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Re: qemu-kvm 1.0+dfsg-8_bpo60+1: NetBSD cannot see network cards

On 14.04.2012 12:04, Phil Reynolds wrote:
> I am trying to install NetBSD (5.1.2, but have tried installers back to
> 5.0 to same effect) on qemu-kvm, but no matter which nic model I select,
> NetBSD cannot see it. I can get as far in the installer as the point
> where it needs network, but then it states it can't find it. An existing
> setup only shows a lo0 interface.
> I see no problems like this with other guest systems. Is this a problem
> upstream or one that only shows in the backport?
> If there is anything further I can do to help diagnose the problem,
> please let me know.

This is definitely not a problem with the backport.  Wheezy version of
qemu-kvm behaves the same, as does current upstream version - for whatever
reason netbsd does not recognize network cards, this is true.

Unfortunately I don't have time right now to get any useful diagnostics
of all this, and the fact that I've absolutely no idea how to debug
netbsd issues (even how to see kernel messages or (try to) load drivers)
does not help either.



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