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Re: libreoffice: US Letter selected when A4 present in /etc/papersize

On Fri, Apr 13, 2012 at 02:12:03PM +0200, A Bug Reporter wrote:
> Yes, I have it installed. Your suggestions seem to have helped for
> which I thank you, but these things should work out of the box.

It *does*. I didn't have anything to configure here to get A4 after a
fresh install.

> There are a large number of heuristics that could be used to to
> figure out which paper format is likely desired by the user as a
> default. The UI could also reflect a checkmark somewhere saying that

Guess what? Those exist. (locale + paperconf + get the info from ppd + ...)

> Also, please do not point out that this libreoffice is a backported
> package, because openoffice is broken in yet another way to which
> the exact same arguments apply. If you had any plans of writing that
> particular response, just mark yourself too as useless in this
> discussion.

Ah, and your reply is useful? Ah, right.
(And you really believe I take a person who must post as "A bug Reporter"
instead of his real name and then formulating a mail like this serious?
Not really.)

If I wanted to say that I could also just have ignored this mail
on this mailinglist. I didn't.

(I am not going to follow this thread anymore.)



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