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Debian Backports are inconsistent - any ideas ?


The Debian Backports repo are inconsistent (read: break dependencies).

Example 1:
New Backported kernel broke NVIDIA drivers
Example 2:
New Backported kernel broke OpenVZ and Xen kernels
Example 3:
New Backported kernel broke VirtualBox (stable) -- users still can
install another ver. (from testing?)
Example 4:
New backported VirtualBox broke libvirt (stable libvirt only supports
stable vbox)

The big idea is this:
Backported stuff introduces new inconsistency.
I realize this cannot be tested to the same degree as Debian "stable",
nor it should be, but...
...is there a way to warn users somehow ?
Or at least list potential dangers ?

In future - the stacks (Example Virtualization stack: kernel +
virtualbox + libvirt + GNS3 +...) will become more complex, so we
should at least think about warning users.
...Or develop a way to upgrade one such "stack" at a time, instead of
a single package.

-Alexey Eromenko "Technologov"

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