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Re: Backports of glib2.0, network-manager, and wpasupplicant


Am Donnerstag, den 29.12.2011, 16:29 +0100 schrieb Alexander Wirt:
> W. Martin Borgert schrieb am Thursday, den 29. December 2011:
> > I need squeeze backports of the current testing versions
> > of the packages glib2.0, network-manager, and wpasupplicant.
> > If somebody likes to do this, I'm happy. If not, I will try
> > my luck. Any comments?
> glib is one of those packages with a very big impact. Therefore I would
> either prefer no backport, or at least one of the regular glib maintainers.

having a glib backport would make a filetea backport much more likely;
this adds to one side of the “worth-the-effort” consideration.

I don’t know if filetea requires he MIME system, though.


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