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Re: dpkg backport in NEW

  Hey, buxy,

* Raphael Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org> [2011-12-27 12:33:28 CET]:
> can I have some news about the processing of dpkg's backport ?

 unfortunately I haven't found the timeframe yet that I would like to
put onto a package that central and with bigger changes than usual.
Have you uploaded the package somewhere else for others to take a look
at so feedback can be seeked also by a more broader audience?

> I modified it so that it only contains dpkg-dev / libdpkg-perl as
> per the last discussion but it's been sitting in NEW for more than a month
> now.

 I'm sorry about that, but I'm on parental leave since more than a month
now, meaning that the time I can spend for a single task is rather
limited, during the day taking care for my son and during the evening
often enought too tired to concentrate properly on bigger tasks like

> FWIW, Didier Raboud updated the debhelper backport to follow Joey Hess'
> recommendation in 20111202160907.GA25241@gnu.kitenet.net">http://lists.debian.org/20111202160907.GA25241@gnu.kitenet.net
> so it should be safe from that point of view too.

 That's very good to hear.

 So, can you offer the package on some webspace for others to take a
look at?  It would of course still have to depend on Alex and me for
approval and checking, but additional feedback would definitely be
extremely helpful here.

 Enjoy, and happy season greetings,
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