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python-pyramid 1.2.1+dfsg-2~bpo60+1 has an insufficient dependency on python-pastescript


I just tried the backport of python-pyramid 1.2.1+dfsg-2 and noticed that my pyramid apps don't work anymore.
In the error.log from my apache I found the follow error at the end of the traceback:
    VersionConflict: (PasteScript 1.7.3 (/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6), Requirement.parse('PasteScript>=1.7.4'))

It looks like python-pyramid should get a versioned dependency on python-pastescript >= 1.7.4 (currently it's unversioned) and python-pastescript 1.7.4 needs also backporting.

This dependency is also documented in the upstream .egg-info files:
    PasteScript >= 1.7.4
        1.2a1 (2011-08-24)
        Dependency Changes
        - Pyramid now relies on PasteScript >= 1.7.4.  This version contains a
          feature important for allowing flexible logging configuration.

Thanks for fixing this (and also for the python-pyramid backport).


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