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postgresql-9.1 will replace postgresql-9.0 over the next weeks


 Just to let you know, postgresql-9.1 will be uploaded potentially next
week, and it might be not too long after that postgresql-9.0 will get
removed from the main archive, and thus also get removed from the
backports pool: <http://bugs.debian.org/639465>

 Please follow the upgrade instructions therein and switch from 9.0 to
9.1 as soon as it's possible for you.  I will announce the removal of
9.0 from the backports pool on debian-backports-announce like we've done
it in the past; this mail is just an information for your convenience so
that you are aware of how it is planned to move along here.

 If you have a package that depends on postgresql-9.0 please upgrade it
to the version that will support postgresql-9.1; from a quick glance we
don't seem to have such a package within the backports pool, but people
might have private packages.

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