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Re: [Pkg-samba-maint] samba 2:3.5.9~dfsg-1~bpo60+1 amd64

Hi Alex,

samba 3.5.10 i386 and amd64 from backports work great.
Many thanks for your instant reply!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

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Am 11.08.2011 09:04, schrieb Alexander Wirt:
Christian PERRIER schrieb am Thursday, den 11. August 2011:

Quoting Jörg Ludwig (joerg.ludwig@iserv.eu):

samba 3.5.9 fixes a severe problem with printing which kept us from
updating to squeeze. The i386 package works fine. Are there plans
for an amd64 package?

Well, I would expect backports autobuilders to take care of that. Dear
and respected bpo wizards, am I wrong?
at least I think so too :). But:

I asked aba to give the package back where it failed.


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