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Re: Broken dinstall?


* Aurelien Jarno <aurelien@aurel32.net> [2011-03-28 12:33:11 CEST]:
> I have recently added support to backports to the arm build daemons,
> they are currently trying to catch with the backlog. Up to about one
> week ago, the packages were accepted, and then appeared in the archive.
> However now the packages are accepted (according to the mail sent to
> debian-backports-changes), but never appear into the archive. It looks
> like dinstall doesn't run anymore, which seems to be confirmed by the
> date on [1]. The list of affected packages can be available on [2], look
> at the list of uploaded packages.

 I've informed the ftpmasters to check, seems to be a collateral damage
of last week's ftpmaster meeting. We hope that this can get fixed
soonish - this also affects the two just approved BSAs about iceweasel
and nss.

 Tells me to check twice before approving BSA mails wether the package
actually are already in the pool.  %-/

 Sorry for the inconvenience, will keep you updated.
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