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Re: Update redmine to 1.0


* Bogdan <bogdar@gmail.com> [2011-02-02 18:16:44 CET]:
> What is current status of redmine backport ?
> For now it is not possible to install redmine at all.
> Are there any estimations for this issue?
> As I understand, redmine is broken for a long time, so if there will
> be no solution - please remove redmine from repo to stop confusing
> people.
> LANG=C aptitude install redmine -t lenny-backports
>  redmine: Depends: rails (< 2.3) but 2.3.5-1~bpo50+1 is to be installed.

 You are right - Jan, can you please comment wether we should remove the
package all together (because it's non-installable at all because of
current dependency information) or if you want to update it with
documentation how to work around the issue.  From what I understand
explicitly "reinstalling rails-ruby1.8 and rails" would fix the issue.

 I think the best option currently is to prominently document it in
NEWS.Debian and the changelog, and it seems that debconf handling is
there, so adding a urgent note about the issue would also be
appropriate (display for upgrades, not for new-installs).

 Please ask for review of your changes prior to the upload, I'm willing
to look through them so we don't stumble into any side-effect because of
the rather unusual deeper changes here.

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