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Re: python 2.6 lenny backport

* Julian Andres Klode <jak@debian.org>, 2010-12-09, 19:12:
i need some help on python 2.6 lenny backport
maybe somebody can help me about symbols.

i try to backport the python2.6 package on lenny and I have a problem with the libpython shlibs.

dpkg-gensymbols give me dependencies with the 2.6.6-6~bpo50+1 version. how can i bypass this error

I don't know. The init_* symbols are marked as optional because these modules can be built as builtins or extensions. I don't know why dpkg-gensymbols complains.

dpkg-dev from lenny doesn't support symbol tags.

There is no thing such as "(optional)" according to deb-symbols(5), the
format is:
       <symbol> <minimal version>[ <id of dependency template> ]

See dpkg-gensymbols(1), section "Using symbol tags".

Jakub Wilk

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