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Re: apache >= 2.2.15 backported?

On Wednesday 24 November 2010, Markus Manzke wrote:
> just wanted to ask if there is a chance that
> apache >= 2.2.15 will be backported to lenny?
> there're some nice security-functions
> that migth help to pevent the ddos-scenarios described here[1],
> and i think we'll stay with lenny 6-12 months after squeeze is
> out (small, specialized hosting)

No, a backport of apache is unlikely (at least I am not going to do 
it). Several significant new features of squeeze's apache would only 
be available if openssl was backported, too.

But you should be able to just extract mod_reqtimeout.so and the 
relevant config files from the squeeze apache2 packages and use them 
with lenny's Apache. That would give you most of the protection you 
get with squeeze's Apache.

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