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Re: Bug#602532: debian-archive-keyring: please add key for backports.debian.org

reopen 602532

2010/11/10 Teodor MICU <mteodor@gmail.com>:
> I've removed the old deprecated key on a system with Debian 5.0 and
> both lenny-backports and lenny-backports-sloppy enabled but there is a
> warning about the key missing *only* on Debian 6.0. So it seems that
> for lenny the deprecated key is not used to sign the archive although
> it used to be on backports.org?

Do you mind if you keep the bug open until the warning on Debian 6.0
is gone and the inconsistency between lenny and squeeze is clarified?
(I won't reopen it if you consider it should be closed without further


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