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Re: Bug#602532: debian-archive-keyring: please add key for backports.debian.org


* Teodor MICU <mteodor@gmail.com> [2010-11-10 11:01:21 CET]:
> 2010/11/10 Alexander Wirt <formorer@debian.org>:
> > Because its double signed as announced [1]. The double signing will dropped
> > soon. As you maybe saw you can install packages from backports without that
> > authentication warning.
> As far I can see there are no packages (yet) in squeeze-backports. Is
> there a reason to double sign it for squeeze?

 Because from what I understood it's not possible to sign different
parts of the archive with different sets of keys.

> (I didn't get the link with the announcement [1])


 It is planned to drop the double signature in the near future.
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