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Re: backports security announcements

Christian PERRIER schrieb am Wednesday, den 29. September 2010:

> > we now allocate BSA (Backports Security Announcement) numbers for security
> > announcements. So if you prepare a BSA ask team@backports.debian.org for a
> > new number to prevent clashes. I also updated the contribution document [1]. 
> The recent samba 3.5.5 was a security fix. However, I don't really
> understand what I should do.
You ask me for a new BSA number - which would be 003 - after that you follow
the instructions from http://backports.debian.org/Contribute/#index3h2 and
send a gpg inline signed mail to the backports-announce mailinglist.
Following the template at the url. Please replace the XXX with the 003 and
and everything which has to be replaced (Package name, CVE number and so on). 

Thats all


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