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Re: [backport request] haproxy updated version 1.4

On 23-09-2010 11:18, Jan Wagner wrote:
Hi Michiel,

On Wednesday 22 September 2010 10:32:53 Jan Wagner wrote:
On Wednesday 22 September 2010 10:25:32 Michiel Klaver wrote:
Please backport the current haproxy version to the stable Debian tree.

it is available at
http://ftp.cyconet.org/debian/archive/bpo/haproxy/1.4.8-1~bpo50+1/ since 4

this shouldn't mean, that you had to know before I mentioned that it's there.
It was just a pointer to the location and that I started the process to get it
into bpo, but got stuck on it as described below.

the 1.4 version branch has been announced stable for some months now and
has lots of improvements and new functions.

As you said, new functions. I had no resources to verify the packages to
roll it out to productive systems, so I didn't uploaded the packages yet.
If there is any positive feedback, I'll upload them.

Sources for sid can be build without any problems or patches into lenny

Maybe you have noticed, we just accepting packages from testing into bpo.

Indeed, actually the versions of haproxy are the same in testing and unstable.
Just a reminder, that the policy denies backporting from unstable.

Anyhow, it would be really great, if you can test the package in a more
productive environment. I can do some basic checks, but I'm unable to verify
some deeper checks actually.

Thanks and cheers, Jan.

Hi Jan,

We currently use the haproxy version 1.4.8 as IPv6toIPv4 translator for our webhosting farm where systems are not IPv6 ready yet. It scales very well and handles about 20.000 IPv6 connections per day for a few months now, without any problems so far.

The older haproxy 1.3 versions from Debian stable and previous backports didn't have proper IPv6 support, they kept crashing or refused to start at all with our configuration.

Attached our configuration as example, actual IP addresses have been replaced with dummy ones.

With kind regards,
Michiel Klaver
    log /dev/log	local0
    log /dev/log	local1 info
    maxconn		4096
    user		haproxy
    group		haproxy

    log			global
    mode		http
    option		httpchk
    option		httplog
    option		dontlognull
    option		http-server-close
    stats		enable
    retries		3
    maxconn		2000
    contimeout		5000
    clitimeout		50000
    srvtimeout		50000

listen	ipv6server1	2001:db8::1:80
    server		ipv4server1	check	maxconn 2000

listen	ipv6server2	2001:db8::2:80
    server		ipv4server2	check	maxconn 2000

listen	ipv6server3	2001:db8::3:80
    server		ipv4server3	check	maxconn 2000

listen	ipv6server4	2001:db8::4:80
    server		ipv4server4	check	maxconn 2000

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