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Re: full-upgrade?

Jean-Philippe MENGUAL schrieb am Monday, den 06. September 2010:


> I will not learn to you how many backports are at the origin of
> important debates in Debian. I often debate on the IRC because I don't
> want to migrate, but I like to have some modern tools, so I stay with
> lenny but I use some backports.
> With the last news, I think it's now obvious for everybody that
> backports are available. So I've a double-question: if I do "aptitude
> full-upgrade", won't the stability of lenny be compromised (I see in
> updates gcc, gstream...)? Won't the migration to squeeze when it's
> stable be complicated?
You can't do a full-upgrade with backports. If you read the docs you see that
the repository it set to no-automatic - so you have to opt-in every

Also the version are chosen in a manner that upgrading to squeeze shouldn't
be a problem. 

Alexander Wirt, formorer@formorer.de 
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