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Re: Cross compiling libsoup2.4


* Salvatore De Paolis <iwkse@claws-mail.org> [2010-06-16 03:14:33 CEST]:
> I was going to create backport packages for webkit, now with
> building libsoup2.4 everything is okey for amd64, the arch i'm with,
> but while compiling for i386 it doesn't find glib.
> This is how is checked
> AM_PATH_GLIB_2_0(2.21.3,,,gobject gthread gio)
> if test "$GLIB_LIBS" = ""; then
>    AC_MSG_ERROR(GLIB 2.21.3 or later is required to build libsoup)
> fi

 lenny has only 2.16.6 of glib, did you enable lenny-backports in your
i386 build environment? Otherwise it won't be able to pull in the proper
package. Also, are the Build-Depends on libglib set versioned so it
would pull in the package from lenny-backports?

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