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Re: syncproxy.backports.org - connection refused

Dominic Hargreaves schrieb am Tuesday, den 11. May 2010:

> On Tue, May 11, 2010 at 12:49:05PM +0200, Alexander Wirt wrote:
> > The push mirroring got took over by debian-mirrors (syncproxy3). So if you
> > need push mirroring ask debian-mirrors or symoon in #debian-mirrors for push.
> > If you don't want push mirroring use an open rsync mirror like
> > mirror.netcologne.de for mirroring. We tried to contact every official
> > mirror, but if we missed anybody step up now and talk to symoon. 
> Thanks. We aren't an official mirror and don't support push currently.
> I will try mirror.netcologne.de instead as you suggest, and suggest that
> mirrorservice.org (who are listed on
> http://www.backports.org/debian/README.mirrors.html) get in touch as I
> think they are stale too.
> That said, I think there is a general problem here because out of the
> ones on that list several seem to be out of date, sometimes by months:
The problem is only a few days old, if they are months behind they have their
own problems...

> http://backports.debian.or.at/backports.org/project/trace/
> http://mirror.linux.org.au/backports.org/project/trace/
> http://backports.debian.skynet.be/project/trace/
> http://ftp.uni-sofia.bg/debian-backports/ [404]
> http://backports.cisbg.com/project/trace/
> http://backports.ethz.ch/mirror/backports.org/project/trace/
> http://mirror.switch.ch/ftp/mirror/backports.org/project/trace/
> http://backports.linuxdediziert.de/backports.org/ [address not found]
> http://mirror.buildd.net/backports.org/project/trace/
> http://ftp.estpak.ee/backports.org/ [404]
> http://www.uk.backports.org/project/trace/
> http://www.mirrorservice.org/sites/backports.org/project/trace/
> http://debian.acantho.net/backports.org/project/trace/ [nearly a year!]
> http://backports.sipo.nl/project/trace/
> Also I think that http://www.backports.org/~joerg/mirror.html
> should be updated or the link to it removed as it's now clearly out
> of date. Perhaps I'm just missing where information on the new mirror
> setup is published?
Its not yet, the whole thing is work in progress and I even wasn't aware of
that site.. Thanks for the hint.


Alexander Wirt, formorer@formorer.de 
CC99 2DDD D39E 75B0 B0AA  B25C D35B BC99 BC7D 020A

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