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Re: Problem installing backport lenny freeradius

On Sun, Feb 07, 2010 at 01:42:41PM -0800, Ken Rea wrote:
> On a upgrade of freeradius from lenny stable to lenny backport the  
> install removed:
> "Removing obsolete conffile /etc/freeradius/snmp.conf ..."
> But on start up I could not find this file so failed. When I put back in  
> the snmp.conf file freeradius started right up.

Sorry for the delay in responding. There's a line in the *old* radiusd.conf
that says:

$INCLUDE snmp.conf

That line, however, does not exist in the new radiusd.conf, but that is a
conffile so it doesn't get updated automatically. You just have to let dpkg
update the file on the conffile prompt, or manually merge the said change
into your local radiusd.conf.

I'm not sure if I should add some detection logic to intercept this...

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