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Re: 3.0 source format [was: Security update for transmission]

Josselin Mouette schrieb am Thursday, den 14. January 2010:

> > following the DSA for transmission, I have uploaded a backport of
> > version 1.77, which fixes the directory traversal vulnerability that was
> > present in the 1.76 backport.
> And it got rejected because the backports.org archive doesn’t support
> the 3.0 (quilt) format.
Yeah, thats known as was discussed a few times on this list. 

> What is the recommended course of action in this case? Should I make it
> a 1.0 package again, or should I wait for an update of the archive
> software?
Oh no, please don't wait. Reupload as 1.0. An update of the software will not
happen untill EOL of etch. 


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