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Re: Continued Emapthy Trial

> You don't tell pbuilder, you tell debian/rules to pass that option to
> the configure script when it is invoked.  This is usually done in
> the "build" or "configure" debian/rules target.
> In empathy-2.28.2's case, debian/rules uses CDBS, the Common Debian
> Build System.  In this case, it's quite easy to add another configure
> flag - just open debian/rules, find the DEB_CONFIGURE_EXTRA_FLAGS
> assignment, and add another extra flag to it :)
OK, thanks!

> If such a patch would fix it without losing functionality, you could
> try... well, patching the source.  You could either do it directly,
> editing some file and adding this code, in which case the patch would
> go into the .diff.gz at package building time, or you could try using
> some patch system - quilt (my personal preference), dpatch, or maybe
> even CDBS's own simple-patchsys.  Unfortunately, I'm not familiar
> enough with CDBS and I don't know exactly how simple-patchsys is used
> or how to add quilt to a CDBS rules file - although I think the latter
> could be as simple as adding another "include" line and then, of course,
> adding quilt to the build dependencies :)
Actually, I was able to use quilt(my choice as well) already to make the patch and it appeared to
work.  There were other quilt patches already so I am assuming CDBS understands how to use it? Can
anyone confirm?

> I guess for the users it might be preferable to have a backport
> with as close to the "real" package's functionality as possible.
> However, if it would be too much trouble, maybe --disable-extras
> could be a reasonable compromise - but make sure you document this
> in a README.Debian or NEWS.Debian or similar file that is installed
> on the users' systems, so they are aware of what they're missing :)
> Then again, please don't give this personal opinion more importance
> than it is due - it *is* merely the personal opinion of a Debian
> user, and maybe the backports meisters will pipe in to slap me down
> with good reason :)
Thanks for the opinion, I do agree w/ you but will wait for other feedback:) This is my first
*complicated* backport and am just posting my thoughts/questions as I continue down the path of bpo


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