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Continued Emapthy Trial

How do I tell pbuilder to pass an option to the configure script? After adding the ~ to the usbutils
in the build-depends it began to compile. However, after a couple compiler errors I realized that
gcc-4.4 and libc6(.1)-dev are needed.  I do not feel like backporting all that mess as well, but I
found an option --disable-extras to pass to configure that may allow me to continue on...*cross
fingers*!  Could someone let me know how to do this?

Just fyi, the errors so far are due to the usage of the macro le16toh() in
extras/ata_id/ata_id.c which is correctable by the new libc6-dev 2.10 (giving endian.h) or the
following code.

#if !defined(le32toh) || !defined(le16toh)
#define le32toh(x) (x)
#define le16toh(x) (x)
#include <byteswap.h>
#define le32toh(x) bswap_32(x)
#define le16toh(x) bswap_16(x)

The next error was in needing linux-libc-dev from backports for /usr/include/linux/bsg.h.

The current error came from needing libc6-dev and possibly the -i386 version as well for
/usr/include/sys/signalfd.h ...  This however needs gcc-4.4-2? Would someone recommend trying the
bpo 4.3 version? Or should I disable the extras (hardware compatibility and some functionality)?
Meanwhile I'll keep trying to get some of the other depends backported:)


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