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Re: updated KVM packages?

Sascha Silbe schrieb am Donnerstag, den 31. Dezember 2009:


> [updated KVM backport]
> >I did some pre-leminary packages during the congress and after
> >them testing I
> >would upload them.
> Great, thanks!
> >But I give no gurantees for 2.6.26 as they are not my primary
> >target. Using newer kernels is recommended for kvm usage.
> I would long have upgraded to 2.6.3x for completely different
> reasons, but unfortunately I'm stuck with older kernels due to fglrx
> (more recent versions with 2.6.3x support depend on the latest Xorg
> packages). :-/
You can give them a try via http://people.debian.org/~formorer/tmp/kvm. 


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