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Re: updated KVM packages?

Sascha Silbe schrieb am Tuesday, den 29. December 2009:


> The lenny packages of KVM got several security updates (somewhat)
> recently, but the lenny-backports ones are still at
> 85+dfsg-4~bpo50+1 from 2009-06-29. According to [1] kvm-88 is still
> vulnerable, so I guess kvm-85 is as well.
> Any chance to get updated packages? kvm seems to have been replaced
> by qemu-kvm in sid/squeeze; are backports of the latter possible
> (i.e. would they work with the stock 2.6.26 kernel)?
I did some pre-leminary packages during the congress and after them testing I
would upload them. But I give no gurantees for 2.6.26 as they are not my
primary target. Using newer kernels is recommended for kvm usage. 


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