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Re: A little more help

* Jared Johnson <jj3666@gmail.com> [2009-12-21 23:38:20 CET]:
> I have a question though on apt/preferences inside pbuilder.  I
> currently have bpo as the highest priority in pbuilder so as not to
> backport something that is already done.

 Erm, don't do that. If the Build-Depends are properly versioned the
backports version of the package will get pulled in, otherwise you want
(and should) build against the lenny version of the packages.

 It is common to have no preferences file at all in the build chroot,
and it isn't required.

> However, my question is that most people (myself included) keep bpo
> low in priority so as to manually install them as needed.  So should I
> modify the build and/or control files to use all the ~bpo.deb as
> dependecies or is it preferred that the pinning be maintained to only
> the individual ~bpo.deb files necessary during the build.

 If the build requires the backports version of a library/package the
Build-Depends need to reflect that, otherwise the buildd network won't
be able to pick it up.

>  Example:
> dependency is fileA.deb >=1.0.4
> lenny has fileA.deb @ 1.0.4
> bpo has fileA.deb @ 1.1.2

 Then the lenny version is sufficient and should get used for building.

> restated slightly:
> If lenny meets the requirement should I use lenny by pinning fileA.deb
> specifically and not use backports

 You should use lenny, there is no pinning involved or needed.

> or should I just modify the build/control files to use all the
> ~bpo.deb files used during the build as dependecies?

 As little as possible.

 So long!

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