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Re: Ekiga

A general question first then the specicfic issue.

-Looking at synaptic (sorted by origin and selecting www.backports.org/main:
How come under the latest version it does not always show the ~bpo version? I made the assumption
that a newer version became available, however going under the properties of several of them this is
not the case.

-I am getting an error updating ekiga, and I know it may be a delay on the build system (I am
running amd64 though), however the package name has a ~ at the end.  Would this cause an issue?
Depends: libpt2.6.5 (>= 2.6.5-1~bpo50+1~) but it is not installable

Matt Taggart wrote:
>> I backported 3.0 a while back and it works with my uvc cam, but I didn't 
>> upload it because 3.2 had just been released. I've been meaning to get back 
>> to it but haven't had a chance. I'll give it a try tonight. IIRC there were 
>> a bunch of depends I had to backport too...
> Uploaded source and amd64. It was a little tricky as it also required 
> backporting a newer gcc-4.3 since the one in lenny couldn't build ekiga. 
> Hopefully it will autobuild properly for other arches in the next week or 
> so, but if it doesn't I can build it for i386 at least.

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