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Re: Ekiga

> Add to the wishlist... Ekiga 3.2.6-1.  Just got a new uvc-compatible webcam, 
> but I've found that
> v2.x.y in Lenny is not good enough, need a 3.x.y for it to work.  Would be a 
> good addition to go
> with the large webcam additions in the 2.6.30+ kernel currently on bpo. THANK
> S!

I backported 3.0 a while back and it works with my uvc cam, but I didn't 
upload it because 3.2 had just been released. I've been meaning to get back 
to it but haven't had a chance. I'll give it a try tonight. IIRC there were 
a bunch of depends I had to backport too...

Matt Taggart

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