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Re: nginx backport

Matt Taggart <taggart@debian.org> writes:

> Today there was a DSA for nginx. I saw that etch-backports currently has a 
> pretty old backport. Here are the current versions:
> testing = 0.7.62-3
> stable = 0.6.32-3
> etch-backports = 0.5.35-1~bpo40+1
> there is no lenny backport
> And the new DSA has these versions:
> lenny = 0.6.32-3+lenny3
> etch = 0.4.13-2+etch3
> Unless someone is willing to sign up to own the etch backport and backport 
> something newer, I think it should be dropped.

I'm maintaining backports of the current lenny version for use at
work so I might as well take care of these unless someone else wants
to do it.

I will keep the package up to date until the rest of the relevant
machines at work have been upgraded to lenny (I'll send a note to the
list when this happens, and have the package removed if nobody else
wants to deal with it).

I'll upload my current package (with the unlikely version string
0.6.32-3+lenny3~bpo40+1) tomorrow unless someone objects.

Arto Jantunen

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