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Re: First try of emacs23 and emacs23-non-dfsg backports for lenny

Reinhard Tartler <siretart@debian.org> writes:

> Ralf Doering <rdoering@netsys-it.de> writes:
>> I've got a first version of packages for Lenny built from emacs23 and
>> emac23-non-dfsg sources. 
> I've sponsored this emacs23 package and also backported auctex. The
> current auctex package in lenny does not support emacs23, and for me,
> auctex is the most important reason to use emacs in the first place :-)

Thanks for sponsoring the upload, and thanks to the emacs23 package
maintainers for providing packages which make backporting easy ;) Also
thank you for the auctex package, I did not notice that as I usually run
selfcompiled auctex here.


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